Host CRM software on your own server

The CRM is installed on your server. After the installation, only you as the administrator have full access to the content. If your hosting provider supports GeoIP, we also set this up to allow access to the CRM only from certain countries.

For additional security we install our security software which will fend off hacker attacks and if your hosting provider does not support GeoIP this will be done by our server security software. With this software we block access from the desired countries or allow access to the CRM only to users from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Of course, we also block access via proxy servers that are supposed to simulate another location.

We would be happy to create a free trial account for you.

Customer Relationship Management ( CRM )

CRM is your case management software in the healthcare sector, but it is also suitable for craft businesses to automate business processes or for service providers.

Your data is important to you? We understand that and that is why we offer you the installation and setup of CRM on your server. After the complete setup of the CRM we will send you the access data for the administrator. Now you create a new password and we have no access to your CRM. If you need support we can offer it via Chrome Remote Desktop. You need a Google Account and the CRM must be open in the Chrome browser.

Services of the CRM

  1. Dashboard
    An overview of all events such as invoices, quotations, support requests, dates etc. The display of the dashboard can be reduced to user roles so the employee only sees his own appointments but e.g. no invoices, offers etc. In the dashboard, the employee can directly start and stop time recording with just one click. The recorded time can be assigned to certain tasks such as general time recording for administrative tasks or time recording can be assigned directly to a task and customers. The employee sees all assigned tasks in the dashboard and can view and edit all administrative tasks according to the set permissions.
  2. Livechat ( Optional )
    The live chat enables the communication between the employees, a group chat can be created where, for example, only the employees from a department are available as members and you can communicate directly with the customer if desired. However, each employee can only start a chat with the customer assigned to him. The customer can also only chat with employees assigned to him.
  3. Clients
    In this area, you have an overview of all customers and can create new customers. For the customer, you create a main contact person who can receive an automated mail with the access data to his customer account. In the customer account, your customer has an overview of all offers, invoices, support tickets, time recordings for projects, etc. and can start a chat with the responsible employee from there ( Optional ).
  4. Sales
    Under this menu item you will find a submenu with the areas: Offers / Invoices / Payments / Credit notes / Templates. Under Offers you create offers for your customers. You define the duration for which the offer is valid and create all items manually or you select items that you previously created under Templates. You create invoices directly from the quotation or manually. When creating the invoice you can select if necessary that this is a recurring invoice and e.g. every month, every 3 months etc. should be created automatically. This is e.g. for insurance companies or companies that offer maintenance contracts a useful extension that saves a lot of time. In this area you can book incoming payments and if you have activated online payments like PayPal, Stripe iDEAL, Stripe Checkout, 2Checkout, AIM, SIM, Instamojo, Mollie, Braintree the booking of the payment runs fully automatically. After the receipt of payment has been entered manually or automatically, the customer receives an information mail that the receipt of payment could be entered and the invoice is converted from the status “Open” to the status “Paid”. If you wish this can also be done by SMS. The SMS providers Clickatell, MSG91 and Twilio are already installed. For the SMS dispatch additional costs arise which can be seen directly at the provider.
  5. Outgoings
    Under this menu item you can enter all expenses of the company if you wish and thus create an expenses/revenues statistic. Please note that this area can in no case replace the regular bookkeeping and should only serve for quick information.
  6. Contracts
    Create contracts with your customers and upload additional PDF attachments, etc. Your customer can also view this data in his customer account.
  7. Project ( Tasks )
    The area “Projects” and the area “Tasks” are interlinked and basically only necessary for institutions with different clients. Should this area not be necessary for them, it can of course be deactivated. You create the task here and assign it to a client. Select the accounting type, e.g. flat rate, hourly recording or accounting by task hourly recording. Select the accounting method “After Task Hour Recording” and the task must be created. Now select the team members and enter the estimated number of hours. Now select the start date and the end date and enter the description. On the right side you can choose what should be visible for the customer in the customer area.
  8. Tasks
    Here you create tasks and assign them to specific employees. You can assign this task to a client ( project ) or directly to the customer.
  9. Support
    If you have the Support Ticket System active, you will find here all mails sent by the customer from his customer portal. You can also integrate this ticket system on your website which allows you to manage incoming mails at a central location. Not only can you respond to mail requests, but you can also create your own tickets and send them from the system to your customers. Your customer receives the message in his mailbox and can reply directly or from the customer area.
  10. Analyses
    Under this menu item you can view sales reports, a statistic of expenses, an overview of income vs. expenses and an overview of time recording for all employees as an administrator.
  11. Tools
    In this area you will find the point “Media” where you and your employees can upload files and view or download them from there. The calendar is visible on the dashboard as well as here. Each employee only sees his own appointments in the calendar, appointments for invoice payments only the administrator or the employees who have the authorization. If you want to enter an appointment like e.g. meeting room 1 is occupied at xx.xx.xxxx from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. you can set the appointment publicly and so every employee sees that this room is not available at the desired time. Another point in this area is “Announcements” where you can publish something that all employees can see and/or all customers can see.

Of course, the system is connected to which allows a real-time push message for registered users. Additional tools such as a WhatsApp module instead of a live chat are possible as well as the integration of your own live chat into the CRM.

The CRM is installed in German language. If you wish, we can set up additional languages such as English, French or Italian during the installation and translate all automatic mails into the desired language. The exact translation is provided by the client in digital format.
The advantage is that the customer gets both the automatic mails and the customer portal displayed in the desired language.

Do you need further information?

We would be happy to advise you whether this CRM is the right one for your company. By telephone and/or mail we will find your requirements for a modern CRM and advise you whether the required services can be fulfilled by our CRM.