Table reservation software

Your guests can reserve a table online using the table reservation software. The online reservation option can be made in the website, as a Facebook Page Tab and as a Smartphone App.

You have the possibility to work with a table plan. This has the advantage that the guest can already select the desired table when making the reservation, the other possibility is that the system selects the next free table matching the selected number of persons.

With the Mail and SMS function, the guests receive an e-mail or SMS directly after the reservation and if desired you can also send a reminder e-mail and SMS e.g. 2 hours before the reservation. Of course this is done automatically by the software. There are additional costs for the SMS function.

You would like to demand an amount X for the reservation on certain days? No problem! You can ask for an amount per person for all days or you can only ask for a reservation fee on certain days. Here you have online payment options such as PayPal or Stripe at your disposal.

We would be happy to create a free trial account for you.

Dashboard Overview

On the home page of the table reservation management software you have a short overview of all reservations for today and the number of expected guests. You can see all tables and add a manual reservation directly from this page.

Next you will see the next 7 days as number of guests, number of reserved tables and if deposit payment is active also the sum of payments.

The deposit payment is calculated per person and can be activated permanently or only on days you specify, such as Easter Sunday, etc.

Today's reservations

The page with all today’s reservations is probably the most important page in the daily workflow during the opening hours of the restaurant. It shows all reservations of the current day sorted by time.

In the other fields of the overview you will find the table number, the number of persons, any comments, the e-mail address and the status of the reservation.

If you have to enter a manual reservation for the current day or a coming day which you e.g. have accepted by telephone then you will find a link to the date entry on this page.

Calendar Overview

If you can’t manage without the usual appointment book, here is another page that shows you an overview of today’s and future reservations. Here you have the possibility to print the overview.

All free times for the corresponding tables are visible and by clicking on the + symbol you can directly enter an appointment at the selected time manually.

You can explore all further functions of the appointment book software with the free and noncommittal test access!

Prices for the software ( single payment )

  • License for one installation on your server
  • Installation and setup of the software
  • 3 months support included ( Additional months can be booked )
  • Integration code for website
  • Creating a Facebook Page Tab Included

Price: 490,- € plus VAT.

Prices for the software ( monthly payment )

  • License for one installation on our server
  • Installation and setup of the software
  • Support included ( for the whole runtime )
  • Integration code for website
  • Creating a Facebook Page Tab

Price: 29,- € per month plus VAT.