We are here for you! Our solidarity contribution because of the Corona crisis

We have thought about the solidarity contribution we can make as a company that is not as strongly affected by the Corona crisis as the catering industry, for example.

Due to the huge problems in the gastronomy, we have decided to offer our delivery service shop system for the entire duration of the restaurant closures free of charge.

The shop system is suitable for delivery and pick-up services from the gastronomy sector but also e.g. for the retail trade!

You’re not making a commitment!

With the software, guests can order online and pay online by credit card, EC card or PayPal, for example.

This offer is only valid for the software with online order function on the web, our apps are excluded from this offer.

You can find an online demo of how your customer can order here: Live Demo

What happens when the crisis is over?

Nothing we delete the installation again and everything is done.

The online ordering system can be implemented in German, English and Spanish also multilingual, i.e. with all 3 languages.

Fill out the form and use the software free of charge for the entire duration of the restaurant closings.


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