Software for online appointment booking and administration

This software is suitable for cosmetic studios, massage practices, hairdressers and similar trades. Your customers can make an appointment at any time, the software calculates the duration of the individual services and offers the customer only appointments at free times.

Your new employee 365 days a year! Manage your appointments and/or those of your employees. With the software you have all bookings of the current day immediately visible.

This appointment booking software is designed for an unlimited number of employees. You can make the services directly bookable or you can divide the services into categories which would make sense for companies with different tasks.

As soon as a customer books an appointment, this time is blocked and not available for any further booking. The customer will receive a confirmation of the booking by e-mail and if you wish a reminder of the appointment e.g. 2 hours before.

We would be happy to create a free trial account for you.

Terminbuchung Software

Dashboard Backend

Kosmetik Studio Terminbuchung

The start page of the appointment booking software shows you the last agreed appointments including the name of the customer, the booked service and the status of the booking. In the upper area you see all upcoming appointments of the next 7 days as well as all bookings of the current month.

On the right side all dates of the today are indicated and a direct link to the schedule as calendar. Each employee has his own access and only sees his own appointments on his schedule, but can enter manual appointment bookings for a colleague.

Appointment book

The page with the appointment calendar is individual for each employee, only the owner sees all appointments, the employees only have their own appointments visible through their own login.

If the employee now wants to set an appointment manually for himself or another employee, he clicks on the desired day/time and enters the appointment. If the customer is a customer he already had an appointment, whether manually entered or online by the customer, the employee only has to enter the initial letters and then select the desired customer. The system automatically enters all stored data.

Add appointment

Every employee can enter appointments received by telephone or on site into the backend with just a few clicks. If the customer already had an appointment with you, it is sufficient to enter the initial letters and the system automatically fills in all customer data.

Appointments made by the customer himself online but also manually entered appointments are of course immediately blocked for further bookings.

Unsere Preise

One-time payment possible. We will be happy to make you an offer.

Software usage

SSL Hosting

Daily database backup

E-Mail  Support

Software updates

Facebook Page Tab

Integration in Website

Incl. installation fees

Mini Website incl. Hosting and Domain Fees

Progressive Web App ( *PWA ) possible for an extra charge

Android Smartphone App

Android & iOS Smartphone App

No limitation of employees

No limitation of reservations / orders / appointment bookings

Automatic mail to customers

SMS notification to customers

Minimum contract period


39,- €

per month + 21% VAT

Possible at extra charge


Standard Plus *

59,- €

per month + 21% VAT

Surcharge 10,- € / month

Possible at extra charge

12 Month


79,- €

per month + 21% VAT

Surcharge 30,- € / month

Surcharge 10,- € / month only in connection with Mini Website.*(PWA)

Possible at extra charge

12 Month


99,- €

per month + 21% VAT

Surcharge 30,- € / month

Surcharge 10,- € / month only in connection with Mini Website.*(PWA)

Possible at extra charge

12 Month

* Standard Plus:

With this package you will have a mini website as well as a progressive web app ( PWA ). With a PWA we are independent from the App Stores at iTunes and Google Play. The function of a PWA is similar to an app that you have to upload to the App Stores.

This page is also created as a website with progressive web app. At the moment there are only problems with older browsers and Apple devices which will not occur in the future.

Make your cosmetic studio fit for the future. With our appointmet system and a progressive web app.

* Premium:

Unfortunately it is not possible to upload your app into our iTunes account. You also need to create an iTunes Developer account as a company and create us as an additional user so we can upload the app to your iTunes account.

Additional costs approx. 99,- €/year to be paid directly to Apple.


The future belongs to the progressive Web App!

The app can easily be installed when visiting the website with a smartphone or tablet. Android currently supports all modern browsers and push messages, unfortunately iOS only supports the Safari browser but no push messages. As soon as iOS also supports push messages, we will implement this as well.

A further advantage of the PWA is that your customers can also register on the PC for the push messages and thus not miss any news. In the package are up to 1000 subscribers and maximum 4000 messages per month incl. ( With 1000 subscribers you can send 4 push messages per month ) Should you need more this is possible without problems for a small surcharge. We use the Push Service of PushPanda which is 100% GDPR compliant.