Homepage for real estate agents with automatic import of real estate

Responsive web design for a real estate agent homepage consisting of a home page, a section with real estate sales guides, a contact page, the legally relevant pages and the real estate page where the data from the real estate agent software is pulled by a software integrated into the website.

We can use any broker software here as long as it uses the OpenImmo standard, in this case the free real estate broker software OpenEstate is used where our client enters all the real estate and exports it to the website. This standard allows the management of the real estate in one central location and the associated automatic synchronization with the website and all large real estate portals used by the real estate agent.

If an interested party wishes to contact us, a contact form is available in every property. This mail is sent to the owner and a note is automatically inserted in the mail indicating the property without the client having to fill it out.

Also here we took over the Hosting and the maintenance of the web page.