Become a partner now!

You are the owner of an advertising agency, web designer, graphic designer etc. and would like to expand your portfolio without financial expenditure?

We have 4 software applications for you + our App CMS which you can sell as a partner of us white label and offer to your existing customers.

100% without any financial effort for you! Very easy with our agency tools for delivery and pickup services, for online table reservations, for digital menu card and/or for online appointment booking.


What’s the procedure?

  1. You register as a partner with us.
  2. We install the desired web applications for you.
  3. You can present the agency tools to your customers or interested parties as a demo.

How does the white label version work!

  1. We install the software applications at
  2. We replace everywhere where “Agency Tools” is the word with your company name
  3. We replace the logo in the backend with your logo.

Delivery service

Table Reservation

Appointment booking

Terminbuchung Software

Digital menu card

Become an agency partner!

Become an agency partner and expand your own portfolio with our web and app applications. After the agency registration in our partner hub you have access to the backend of the demo installations!

We only accept registrations from agencies that register with the mail address of their own domain such as name@my domain. Registrations from freemail providers or that do not belong to any agency domain will not be accepted. With the registration you do not enter any obligation!

I have a customer who wants the web application and/or the app What happens now?

If you are already a partner of us, you send us an email with the necessary information about the customer. We will immediately send you the offer with the prices that you can find here on the site minus the agency discount and install the software on a subdomain of such as and set up everything so that you or your customer can start creating the opening hours etc.

If the customer also wishes an iOS and Android app, we will complete it within 14 days and upload it to the App Stores. Please note that for an iOS app the customer needs an own developer account at iTunes, for Android we can also upload the app to your developer account at Google Play or your customer creates a Google Play developer account. ( For iTunes the account must be a business account ).

As soon as the app is published, your customer or you will get access to the App CMS to upload pictures or create push messages. To use the App CMS White Label you need a subdomain like with DNS entry to us. This step is best done together!

Application areas Online Shop System

  • Delivery and collection services in the gastronomy sector
  • Delivery and collection services from the trade sector
  • For catering companies to order online
  • As digital menu for restaurants / food courts

Application areas Online appointment booking

  • Appointment booking in beauty salons etc. ( with prices )
  • Booking appointments with doctors ( without prices )
  • Booking appointments for meetings and consultations
  • Appointment booking for car repair shops etc.

Online table reservation

This online application is actually designed for online table reservations only, but the system can do much more than a traditional reservation request by e-mail. The table reservation tool searches for the right table for the desired number of people at the selected time, for example, if the restaurant owner does not have a table suitable for 12 people, the automatic reservation becomes a request and the restaurant owner can check which tables he can put together to confirm the request.

  1. The system automatically sends an e-mail for confirmation to the guest and the owner.
  2. Reservation where the system selects the next available table or the guest can select a table by card.
  3. If desired, e.g. 2 hours before the reservation an email will be sent to the guest as a reminder.
  4. The restaurant owner has an overview of all reservations in the backend, the guestbook made of paper is obsolete.
  5. NO-SHOW: Every restaurant owner knows it! In our system the gastronomy owner can ask for a deposit of e.g. 20,- € per person for each reservation, this deposit can be used on any date or the gastronomy owner only wants to ask for a deposit on certain days like Easter, Christmas or on Sundays. The price per person is individually adjustable.