Digital menu card

Our online application as a digital menu is a modification of the online shop system for delivery and collection services that we have redesigned for restaurants that want to offer a digital menu after the Corona crisis. As this system has been in use for a long time you can be sure that everything works correctly.

With the online menu we do not want to replace the waiter in any case but offer a simple extension that allows your guest to decide whether to order online or to use the menu only to view the dishes and order directly from the waiter.

Test the digital menu free of charge!

Test the digital menu now 100% free of charge and without obligation! With the free test you are not taking any risk or obligation!

How does the digital menu work?

The procedure is very simple! We install the system for you and you simply enter your food and drinks, the available tables and the opening hours of the restaurant. Now we generate a QR Code for you which the guest can scan directly at the table (all modern smartphones do this automatically with the camera function) and the digital menu of the restaurant opens.

To prevent possible fake orders you have the possibility to request an additional security code when entering the table number. The guest can read this code on the table display as well as the QR code.

Your guest can now select the desired food and drinks and order them from the waiter or send the order directly with the digital menu. Here the guest can choose if he wants the receipt by mail and which payment method he wants.

It is completely up to the guest whether to order and pay contactless or personally. We take the next step with you into the digitalization of your gastronomy business with an online menu, smartphone app and/or the online table reservation.


What advantages do I have with a digital menu?

In times during the Corona crisis the advantages are of course the contactless ordering or at least the selection of meals without using the traditional menu that several guests had in their hands. But this form of digital menu will certainly become firmly established in people’s minds and will continue to be a useful tool for every catering business in the future.

Further advantages are that you don’t have to write and print new weekly menus all the time, in case of price changes you do this directly in the backend of the software. If you have seasonal dishes such as asparagus, you create these dishes once, the asparagus time is over, you deactivate the product and it is no longer displayed in the online menu. If the asparagus time starts again, you can reactivate the dish with just one click.

You’re offering a lunch menu? Activate the meals, in the category Lunch, which are offered in the current week or on this day. For the coming week, deactivate the meals again and activate the current meals.

Multilingualism in your menu, is possible in all imaginable languages without problems. Ideal for restaurants in tourist or border areas but also in cities with trade fairs. It is your decision which languages you want to offer and it will not cost you a cent more!

Prices and contract period

During the time of restaurant closings (valid in your country) the use of the digital menu is 100% free of charge! You can already create everything and test the system. If restaurants are allowed to reopen, you have another 30 days to use the system in live operation for free. Now you decide whether the online menu should be used further. If YES we will charge you 39,- € plus VAT per month.


You can cancel at any time at the end of the billing period. You are very flexible and if the menu does not meet your wishes, the term is a maximum of one month. It is sufficient to cancel the contract by e-mail up to 3 days before the new billing period begins!